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Oven Pizza

23 May

No recipe here… just a reminder for me how to make pizza this way because it was SO GOOD.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees with a pizza stone in it.

Roll out pizza dough into the shape you want your pizza.

When the pizza stone is heated, pull it out and transfer the dough to the stone.  Brush with olive oil if you’d like.

Place the dough and stone back in the oven and wait for about 2-3 minutes.  Pop any bubbles that form with a fork.

Pull out when the dough is half-way cooked. Raise the oven temperature to 500 degrees, and leave the stone in the oven.

Add sauce, cheese and any toppings to the dough.

Place back in the oven on the stone and cook until the cheese has browned.



6 Oct

More pictures of the furry baby.

Alligators and Olly

23 Sep

This past week has been so busy.  There have been two tests, a dentist appointment, volunteering, but most importantly….we adopted a dog!!

Say Hi to Oliver:

He is always exposing himself for the camera:

Olly was at the Humane Society as a transfer from another shelter, so we don’t know his story or how long he was without a home.  He is four and much of his fur is missing due to a flea allergy that got out of control.  Luckily we have him on some flea medication (such an easy fix, it makes me angry that he even had to suffer from it) and some good food.  We’ve even started to see new hair coming in just within the few days we’ve had him.  We can’t give him a bath for a few more weeks (so that the medication doesn’t come off), but I think by then his fur will grow in, he’ll gain some weight and little Olly will be as good as new.  Most importantly his heart is so big and he is the sweetest dog anyone can imagine.  He was just dying for someone to take him in and for some bodies to sleep against.

Also this week we saw the first gator in the pond in our backyard!

Picnic Dinner

17 Sep


: )

Florida Sunsets

28 Jun

…..are awesome 🙂