Emily’s Green Smoothie

22 Jun

I’ve been trying to find a good green smoothie recipe for a while.  Previously my smoothies have been either too bland, too chunky, or contained not enough greens.

This morning I experimented with some ingredients and I think I’ve created my perfect green smoothie recipe.

Emily's Green Smoothie

I really enjoy how green it looks, and I think that the kiwi is key to achieving that color.


~1 cup unsweetened original almond milk
4 chunks of frozen mango
1 kiwi
1 banana
2 Tbsp ground flax meal
1 Tbsp softened or melted coconut oil
one and a half handfuls of organic baby spinach

Take the mangoes out of the freezer to let thaw.

Peel and slice the banana, and place on a cutting board.  Do the same with the kiwi and place the cutting board in the freezer.

Take a shower, do some dishes, or  just wait for 10 minutes.

Then, take the banana and kiwi out of the freezer and place all ingredients in the blender.

That’s it!


I’d like to experiment with other ingredients, such as varying the types of fruit or greens in the smoothie (maybe to include celery?).  I’d also like to make a smoothie which contains cocoa powder, or has orange juice as a base.

This recipe provides: manganese, vitamin C


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