Healthy Fried Rice

20 Jun

Healthy Fried Rice

some leftover white rice that is in the fridge.
chopped onion
frozen peas
soy sauce
grated or powdered garlic and ginger
chili garlic sauce (or red pepper flakes)

Place about a tablespoon of oil in a pan or wok, and heat.

Once the oil is heated, add in the onion, and cook until translucent.

Add the grated ginger and garlic, and the frozen peas.

Once the peas have been warmed and there is a nice garlic smell in the air, add the cold rice.
(It may need to be broken up with a spatula.)

Mix the rice with the other ingredients, and add some soy sauce – enough soy sauce until the color is a nice brown.

Add the chili garlic sauce (or red pepper flakes) according to taste.

Once the rice is cooked nice and mixed well with the other ingredients, make a well in the center of the pan.

Crack one egg in the well, and mix as it cooks in the pan.

Once the egg is cooked, break it up with the spatula and mix into the rice.

Now, add the other egg directly on top of the rice, and mix. Instead of giving  chunks of egg like the first, the second egg sticks to the rice and gives it flavor.


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